The Best Way Reaching Gili Air From Lombok

The Best Way Reaching Gili Air From Lombok

Gili Air, one of the three beautiful islands in Lombok, invites adventure beneath the waves. Situated off the west coast of Lombok. There are many best a way to reach Gili Air today. This island offers a tranquil and captivating atmosphere for travelers. Gili Air is a hidden paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Beneath its clear waters, you can discover enchanting seahorses and turtles gracefully navigating the sea. Every corner underwater is filled with astonishing surprises.

The beauty of Gili Air extends beyond its underwater realm to its land. Surrounded by quaint pathways, the island allows you to explore by bicycle or on foot. You can enjoy stunning sunsets or venture into lush green forests. The island is also brimming with friendly local life. Skilled fishermen, welcoming vendors, and knowledgeable tour guides will greet you warmly.

It’s no wonder that Gili Air has become a popular tourist destination for people from various countries. The months of July to August are bustling with visitors from England, France, Australia, the Netherlands, and Italy who come to enjoy its beauty.

Gili Air Island

The Best Transportation From Lombok to Gili Air

Visiting the stunning Gili Islands from Lombok has never been easier! Whether you’re nestled in the scenic Senggigi or vibrant Mataram regions, adventure awaits just a hop away at Bangsal Harbor. From there, embark on a thrilling journey via speed boat or fast boat straight to the captivating shores of Gili Air.

Touching down at Lombok International Airport? No worries! Dive into convenience with transportation services priced at 450,000 IDR per car, whisking you on a scenic 2-hour drive to Bangsal Harbor. Once there, dive into the excitement as you secure your tickets for a fast boat to Gili Air, all available hassle-free online at

And for those soaking up the sun in Kuta Lombok, the adventure is at your fingertips with easy online booking for both transportation and boat tickets. Here’s a peek at the thrilling journey and estimated costs:

  • Senggigi Area – Gili Air: 350,000 IDR (Transport + Boat Ticket)
  • Lombok Airport – Gili Air: 450,000 IDR (Transport + Boat Ticket)
  • Mataram – Gili Air: 350,000 IDR (Transport + Boat Ticket)
  • Senaru – Gili Air: 600,000 IDR (Transport + Boat Ticket)
  • Sembalun – Gili Air: 650,000 IDR (Transport + Boat Ticket)
  • Tetebatu – Gili Air: 650,000 IDR (Transport + Boat Ticket)

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable island getaway – adventure, relaxation, and breathtaking views await you in Gili Air! more information, please contact us!