The Best Way Getting Gili Island from Bangsal Harbor

The Best Way Getting Gili Island from Bangsal Harbor

Bangsal Harbor buzzes with activity as travelers journey to the picturesque Gili Islands. The port is located in the northern part of Lombok, Indonesia. There’s always lots going on as people start trips to the beautiful Gili Islands. It’s the main spot for getting to the Gilis. After leaving Bangsal Harbor, excited visitors can’t wait to check out the amazing underwater world around the islands. Those looking for adventure love chilling out on Gili Trawangan. We can enjoy the sun, and get into the local vibe. Tour guides are there to help folks explore the awesome marine life while snorkeling.

And don’t worry, safety is a big deal – ferry companies make sure everyone’s safe on the journey to the Gilis from Bangsal Harbor. As boats leave Bangsal Harbor for the Gilis, passengers get to see some stunning views of the area.

Transport From Bangsal Harbor to Gili Islands

Bangsal Harbor is one of the busiest ports in North Lombok. Bangsal Harbor is the starting point for travelers heading to the Gili Islands. You can find the boat service including local boats and fast boats. The local boats and speed boats depart for the Gili Islands every hour, making it easy for visitors to plan their trips. Although these services only go to the Gili Islands. You can use fast boat services to visit other destinations like Bali or Nusa Penida.

Public boat services operate from 8 am to 5 pm. If you want to travel outside of these hours, please use a charter boat. With various ferry options available, Bangsal Harbor is an easily accessible gateway for adventurers looking to explore the natural beauty of Lombok and its surroundings.

Bangsal Harbor is One of the Busiest Ports in North Lombok. Bangsal Harbor is the Starting Point for Travelers Heading to the Gili Islands

Getting Bangsal Harbor from Lombok International Airport

Typically, travelers commence their journeys from Lombok International Airport. The distance from the airport to Bangsal Harbor takes approximately 2 hours by road. You have the option to utilize airport transportation services or other available online transportation platforms. If you have any doubts, please consider employing our transportation services. A two-hour journey might seem a bit dull, but by opting for our transportation service. You can request the driver to make stops at various tourist spots along the way. You can purchase tickets for your intended destination upon arrival at Bangsal Harbor. We highly recommend booking tickets online at This precautionary measure is taken to mitigate the presence of numerous illegal ticket brokers or sellers at the harbor.