Booking And Payment

Short Message Service (SMS)

You can send SMS to number +62 878-6530-5473 

Note: Only for domestic reservation from Indonesia. We are unable to receive SMS from certain countries due to provider policy, and we will reply to your order 24 hours in maximum.

Email Us Directly

Mail us at:

Please fill the mail Subject briefly.

We will reply your order to your email 24 hours in maximum.

Phone Call

Call our Customer Support on +62 87865305473. International call rate may occur if you make a call from another country. Check the rate before you make a call.

Service hour is from 06.00 AM Lombok Time (10.00 PM GMT at previous day) – 09.00 PM Lombok Time (01.00 PM GMT). Lombok Time is GMT+8.

Complete the payment after your reservation(s) submitted


Email address :

Note: Make sure the Paypal email address and account holder name are correct. We are not responsible for any improper transfer.

Note for all payment methods:

  • Please attach a brief information/message about your transfer.
  • Please confirm us soon after you make a transfer.